A novice professional

So, this is perhaps not a particularly unique experience but I find myself in the lovely position of being newly engaged yet feeling very daunted at the prospect of planning my own wedding. It turns out that being in the wedding industry doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all of the answers at your fingertips although I certainly do know where to start looking.

Thought I might share my journey and perhaps help a few other budding brides/grooms along the way. Firstly the ceremony is covered – obvs! This is one area I have absolute confidence in and know exactly how this will run. It does also mean I am looking at things very much in reverse order!

So who does a celebrant use on their big day?  I have decided to go down the all-in-one route and have my marriage registered and use a celebrant in the same (licensed) venue. This is perfectly acceptable but just make sure you have the civil part first then follow with the celebrant ceremony. As a courtesy to the register office do also make sure you run this past them first so there are no surprises for either side on the big day.

I am also in the lucky position of knowing enough registrars to call on for the legal part too. With my background in registration I have plenty of people to look to for help on this. I will be requesting my own registrar to conduct my ceremony at the licensed venue of my choice. Do I sound like a bridezilla yet?! This is something everyone is allowed to do, again you must run this past the register office in the district that the ceremony will take place in. If (as in my case) the registrar of your dreams does not work in the same office then they must seek permission from the Superintendent of the office in charge of your venue to be allowed to conduct it. This can only work for the person conducting the ceremony, you must have a registrar from the office in charge of the venue to register the ceremony no exception.

Once that has been cleared you are set. I always think it is a nice gesture to offer the other registrar an invite to the drinks reception. They may feel a little out of sorts being without a colleague they know and it also goes a long way to ensuring there is no conflict over the ceremony or professional tensions! Some offices can get a little territorial when other registrars get involved and a little charm can go a long way to diffuse any potential problems…

Next time; venues. Where on earth do you begin if you are on a strict budget but have diva like standards?! Answers on a postcard please….